The Wedding Day - Primping and Prep

Picture of a bridal gown hanging on a window.  The gown is Amsale, white, and framed by a doorway.

The morning of the big day is here.  The pungent smell of hairspray fills the air.   Artists are transforming beautiful you into resplendent glory.  

Your eyes moisten, but maybe that’s just the sting of that hairspray.  Today is the day, the day you will marry your true love.  

During these moments, your photographer scurries around, capturing your dress, your shade of Chanel, all of those pretty little details you pinned on boards months ago.

Here are a few tips that allows your photographer to capture all of your pretty details in a magical kind of way. 







Image of a bride getting ready on her wedding day.  She is sitting on a couch in a living room reading her letter from the groom.

Choose a location with lots of natural light.  That light will make all the difference in the outcome of your images.  It also helps your hair and make-up artist as well.   

When possible, choose a room or house with minimal clutter and light walls and furniture.  Anything stuffy and busy will color cast and distract from the focus of the images.  

Tip: Some of the most beautiful getting ready areas that I have captured have been inside the homes of a family or loved one.  






Tidy Up

The wedding day is bound to be full of some chaos and mess.  But, you have your team of girls to help you manage the crazy.  

Ask your bridal party to help by keeping their belongings in their bags and in a corner, out of sight.  Often I help clear areas that are cluttered, but I also want to be careful when touching other people's belongings.  It's always most helpful when the area is already clear.  

Most photographers will be using the space near the window and door light.  Those areas are most important to have cleared.  We will also use table, chairs, and surfaces for styling details.

Tip: Create a wedding day playlist on your phone or customize your fave Pandora station so you have some fabulous tunes in your background.  You can play this on a portable speaker, like this one.  



Bridal Details

Prior to your photographer arriving, place all of your custom details in a bag or designated part of the room.  

Image of a veil carefully sitting on a white striped plush chair.
  • Bridal Pieces
    • Jewelry
    • Headpiece or Veil
    • Shoes
    • Garter
    • "Something Blue"
  • Bridal Gown 
    • Gown out of the packaging
    • Gown hung on an elegant hanger  
  • Guest Memorabelia
    • Invitation suite
    • Watercolor maps
    • Welcome bags
  • Bridesmaids Gifts
  • Styling Details


Consider where you would like your gown to be hung.  Some brides love the idea of their gown going outside for some beautiful natural light.  When doing this, I always bring along an assistant, either my second shooter or an available bridesmaid, to ensure the safety of the gown.

If you prefer the gown staying in the room, it will be styled wherever it can be safely hung and there is beautiful light.  

Tip: Mail the wedding invitation suite to your photographer.  This way it can be captured in advance, allowing more time for creative styling.  




Picture of a bride on her wedding day, getting ready in a bright room.  Her hair is down and long, she is facing left, towards the window.

Tick-tock, your timeline is swiftly marching onward.  Be conscious of the time because every minute that is delayed means a minute taken away from another part of your lovely day.  

Ensure all bridemaids and family members having hair and make-up done have made that appointment in advance.  The biggest reason for lost time is unexpected work for the Hair and Make-Up artists.  

Enlist a bridesmaid or maid-of-honor to assist you in keeping everyone on schedule.  Then, always plan buffer time - you will need it.  

Tip: Have fresh fruit and light breakfast food for your girls, this will save anyone from leaving to grab something to eat.  This is a really good time for you to eat as well, it's going to be a long day and we don't want any of the bad kind of swooning. 

Breathe in these moments.  

You are entering a new adventure with these loved ones surrounding you.  Look around at their beautiful faces, the collective love of these women.  The ones stilling the butterflies.

XOXO Lovelies

LPGA Wedding Daytona Beach

He began loving her before he could even drive a car. In classes together at a Christian Academy in Ormond Beach.  He knew that she was the one. 

She is full of organizing, and making things happen. He is full of laid back smiles and charm. 
She is full of grace and beauty. He holds her and she laughs with abandon. 

They are young love. 

During the engagement portraits months ago, we strolled the streets of downtown New Smyrna Beach. Both of them telling me their dreams. She laughs saying she's the planner. He smiles and nods in agreement. Both have an easy way with each other. 

On the wedding day, they read letters to their parents. Tears and laughter bubble over in the room. She says she's more like her father. There is laughter in this truth. He speaks kind words to his brother and sister whom he is leaving. There are tears. 

There is love everywhere. Family, friends, and all those in the presence of this day. Love in boundless measure. 

Being a part of such a meaningful and lovely day is everything that I love about being a wedding photographer. 

Wishing Nathaniel and Elizabeth a very Happily Ever After on their journey ahead.

Epping Forest Yacht Club, Jacksonville, Florida, Bridal Portrait

When she sent me her first message, I instantly loved her.  

She shared her vision for the wedding day, "Our wedding will be formal + elegant, yet mixing in an Anthropologie feel. Lots of white, gold and greenery."  She would have had me at that oh-so-pretty description.

But, she took the time to explain why she felt we were a good fit, how her style aligned with mine.  It made my heart sing.  

I was also ecstatic that Kendall booked a bridal portrait session.  Oh my word, how I adore a bridal shoot.  Away from the hectic schedule of a wedding day, we can play in the gorgeous soft evening light.  

And play we did.

Kendall has the perfect "Cinderella Twirl" in her dreamy Calvet Couture bridal gown. She was angelic with every move she made.  Designer tulle swishing with each turn.  That back though!  The beading and detailing are simply divine.  

The Epping Forest Yacht Club was the perfect setting to match the feeling of her TCP Sawgrass wedding the following month.  Full of historical architectural charm and elegance.  

xoxo Lovelies