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I wish you were right here. On my front porch, in a cozy chair, sipping on the bubbly I keep stashed in my fridge. I would ask you,  How is the wedding planning? I hope you would tell me - the ups and downs, and most of all, about that cute guy who gave you a ring.

These days can be a whirl of excitement and a tiny bit overwhelming as all of the pieces of your perfectly designed concepts become reality.  That floral garland isn't going to just create itself.  

I am obsessed with finding beauty in every little moment.  Capturing your grace, his charm, your blush, his dimples.  Angles and light dance together to freeze the feelings of the moment. 

The loveliest weddings take me everywhere from Charleston, South Carolina down to the Florida Keys.  I love each little romantic adventure. My home office is in the little coastal town of Flagler Beach, Florida.

Enough about me.  What about you?  Tell me every dreamy detail of your day.

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Splashing in sparkling bright blue water.

Porch sittin’, rain or shine.

Spontaneous family dance parties under the disco light.

Napping to the sound of the ocean waves under a striped beach umbrella.

lap swim workouts with sun glitter.

windows down with salty sea air breezing through my hair.

Date nights with live music and long dreamy conversations.

Image of a couple walking on cobblestone streets in historic St. George, Bermuda

Strolling cobblestone streets with my fingers laced around good coffee.

Barefoot walks on a sandy beach under the light of a full moon.

Huddling around a campfire with guitar music and messy s’mores.

Exploring new places full of artisan charm.

Family nights at the beachside Mexican restaurant, Giggling over chips and queso.

Crushing hard on antique salvage gems.

Boating to Disappearing Island for lazy day picnics.

Image of coffee and beignets in Savannah, Georgia

Image of text "photography journey", speaking to the history of Debra Eby's wedding photography background..

My childhood was filled with Florida sunshine and coastal adventures.  this place where imagination ignites.  Hammocks transform into covered back wagons and swimming pools turn little girls into mermaids.  

College studies took me to Michigan where I majored in Communications.  I met a cute Canadian. who I would later marry.

Then, I was off to China.  This was a year of tremendous adventure.  The birth of my obsesession for bubble tea and jiaozi. 

That cute Canadian and I started dating long distance.  Very long distance.  

We married in January of 2006, a wedding designed with mock-ups on Microsoft Word.  Totally old school and pre-Pinterest.

We  resided in Ontario for over seven years.  

This is where the humble beginnings of my photography blossomed.  With the kindest and most creative of clients, I found my perfect career match.  Even though it was cold.  Like, really cold.  

In 2013 we moved back to Florida, to my home.

Life is always full of sunny adventures for the littles - all four of them.  That's right, two boys and two girls.  Our days are full of life on our five-acre coastal Low-Country style home. You can find us swimming in our pool, beach bumming, hanging out on our front porch or having a spontaneous dance party. All while enjoying my wonderful gift of a job.  

Every day I am so grateful to capture the most precious of moments.  

Life is a little messy, a little loud, with lots of sandy toes.  In every moment there is beauty to be found.

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My little studio located in Ormond Beach, Florida

You’ll find us over here, Living our coastal adventures on The Lane. This is our haven, five acres nestled on the Halifax River under a canopy of Live Oaks and palm trees.

Peek into more of my everyday life in Flagler Beach, Florida via the Lane Life Instagram Account.