Epping Forest Yacht Club, Jacksonville, Florida, Bridal Portrait

When she sent me her first message, I instantly loved her.  

She shared her vision for the wedding day, "Our wedding will be formal + elegant, yet mixing in an Anthropologie feel. Lots of white, gold and greenery."  She would have had me at that oh-so-pretty description.

But, she took the time to explain why she felt we were a good fit, how her style aligned with mine.  It made my heart sing.  

I was also ecstatic that Kendall booked a bridal portrait session.  Oh my word, how I adore a bridal shoot.  Away from the hectic schedule of a wedding day, we can play in the gorgeous soft evening light.  

And play we did.

Kendall has the perfect "Cinderella Twirl" in her dreamy Calvet Couture bridal gown. She was angelic with every move she made.  Designer tulle swishing with each turn.  That back though!  The beading and detailing are simply divine.  

The Epping Forest Yacht Club was the perfect setting to match the feeling of her TCP Sawgrass wedding the following month.  Full of historical architectural charm and elegance.  

xoxo Lovelies