LPGA Wedding Daytona Beach

He began loving her before he could even drive a car. In classes together at a Christian Academy in Ormond Beach.  He knew that she was the one. 

She is full of organizing, and making things happen. He is full of laid back smiles and charm. 
She is full of grace and beauty. He holds her and she laughs with abandon. 

They are young love. 

During the engagement portraits months ago, we strolled the streets of downtown New Smyrna Beach. Both of them telling me their dreams. She laughs saying she's the planner. He smiles and nods in agreement. Both have an easy way with each other. 

On the wedding day, they read letters to their parents. Tears and laughter bubble over in the room. She says she's more like her father. There is laughter in this truth. He speaks kind words to his brother and sister whom he is leaving. There are tears. 

There is love everywhere. Family, friends, and all those in the presence of this day. Love in boundless measure. 

Being a part of such a meaningful and lovely day is everything that I love about being a wedding photographer. 

Wishing Nathaniel and Elizabeth a very Happily Ever After on their journey ahead.

Florida Barn Wedding Venue - The Delamater House

Some places take you away, to a time and a place where all is still and lovely.

On winding roads in New Smyrna Beach, Florida, there is such a place.  The Delamater House estate.  

This stunning barn venue is full of charm, rustic chic details, pristine grounds, and touch of Florida.  I am truly blown away!  It is a chapter right out of the rustic luxe handbook.  

The gracious owners, Allen and Dorothy, labor in love over every single detail of this venue.  It is truly like your own private resort.  The landscaping, architectural design, everything is such a dream.  

This has me so excited to be capturing my gorgeous bride, Kelley, in December on their grounds.  I absolutely cannot wait!

Here's a peek into this gorgeous venue...