Pinterest – Friend or Foe?

It feels like our home reno projects are ever in process.  My son, Carter, loves trips with Ben to “the boy store” (their affectionate name for Lowes).  They go gathering all the right supplies for the job.  They return home and Carter’s lanky arms lug a small black toolbox into the renovation zone.     

For hours there is banging and ongoing progress reports from Carter (while I’m usually arms deep in dishes or dinner).  When they finish the home project, my job is to “ohh” and “ahhh” over their masterful work.  Carter beams with pride over my gushing.

I’ll be honest, tools and home projects that involve drywall are just not my thing.  I know, I know, they sell pink tools (like this adorable set), but there is still no motivation for me to master any skills beyond hammer and nails.    

Just like tools in a toolbox, we use organization software, apps, wedding blogs, and magazines to masterfully navigate the wedding vision.  Sometimes things can go really wrong - like the toilet bowl that cracked when my boys were installing it.  Ew.

How to Use Pinterest for Weddings


I freely admit my ongoing love affair with Pinterest dreaming.  I use it for any party planning, shoot inspiration, and even to push my photography to a higher caliber.  As with any wedding planning tool, it can quickly turn into discouraging comparison.    Disappointment in your vendors and the wedding day ensue. 

Here are a few tips on using Pinterest for the most positive outcome in your wedding planning process. 



Image of a Pinterest board about wedding details.

Pinterest is made for ideation and getting the thoughts in your head to something a little more tangible.  When first coming up with your wedding vision, pin away!  Anything and everything that speaks to your romantic heart, file it away.  Most people stop here, and that’s when it can be problematic.






Picture of the landing page for Debra Eby Photography Co. on Pinterest.

Once you have your wedding inspiration board full of all the pretty, it is then time to organize.  Pinterest is a fabulous way to organize your dreams and conceptual designs into something a little more tangible.  Create separate boards for different parts of your day.  For instance:    Décor (tablescape, ceremony arch, favors, etc.), Fashion (bridal gown, bridesmaid gowns, tuxedos, shoes, jewelry), Honeymoon (locations, activities, wardrobe), etc.




Now that everything is organized, it’s time to hone your vision.  Go back and ruthlessly edit your board to really reflect the mood of your day. 

Picture of a Pinterest board with "x" over images to show that the board is being edited.

Cohesive Look - ensure your vision flows together.

For example, you may love that garland on the white horse, but your beach wedding can’t accommodate farm animals.  

Budget - consider your budget and what is realistic. 

You may love Kim Kardashians wall of flowers, but instead choose a greenery hedge installment.  Showing your florist the wall of flowers will require a budget to match that vision. 

Actual Realities - consider your actual rented space, the weather possibilities, the lighting, anything that could alter the overall look. 

You may love the idea of a first dance under moonlight and sparkling strands of café lights with a black and white checkered dance floor.   But, if your wedding reception is in a ballroom with up-lighting, that vision is not going to come to life.  That picture will just set you up for disappointment.



When you carefully curate your boards, you can share these boards with your vendor team and they can catch your vision for the wedding day.   As your photographer, I can better capture that vision as well. 

Wedding Photography

Image of a bride and groom kissing on their wedding day.  They are behind a white iron fence at the Rockin' H Ranch in Lakeland, Florida.


In the spirit of honesty, when a bride sends me “a few pins”, I cringe.  Usually, these inspiration images are not possible to re-create.  Aside from the ethics of copying another artist’s work, it’s also impossible to re-create that vision.  The subjects, hairstyles, fashion, location, weather and lighting all came together creating that image.

If you hire an excellent photographer, that artist will use the elements of your specific moments on your unique wedding day to create a very personal kind of magic.


Tips for pinning photography inspo:

  • Consider the location (Is this picture beautiful because there are mountains in the background?  Will I have mountains on my wedding day?)
  • Consider the subject (Do I have long enough hair for cascading curls in a dip kiss?  Is that why this image I speaking to me?)
  • Consider the weather (Will there be wind blowing my strands of hair while I kiss passionately?  Is the wind-blown romance what really speaks to me in this image?)
  • Consider the time (How much time will this set-up take, does my schedule allow for it?)
  • Consider using your own photographer’s work for inspiration. (it’s much more likely a similar pose or lighting can be re-created)
  • Consider the overall mood of the image (Does this image match the style of my chosen wedding photographer?)
  • Consider the coloring of the image (Does my photographer edit his or her images this way?)
  • Be open to your photographer's advice and expertise.  

All right, Lovelies, go start your dream boards.  Happy Pinning!