Decorating Your Home with Pictures

We watched snowflakes dance from the sky onto the tall pines from our high rise condo.  We spent the first 7 years of our marriage in southeastern Ontario.  

My first visit (engaged), I commented, "Look at all of the Christmas trees you have up here!"  His response, "We just call them trees."  Towering White Spruce Trees were never a part of my Florida horticultural experience.  

During that first year, I experimented in the kitchen.  Eagerly, I awaited his arrival home to taste my newest recipe.  He gratefully ate anything set before him.  Until one night.  The Coq Au Vin disaster.  That was not edible.  

My home decor notebook began from clipped pieces of magazines and flyers.  We would spend an entire evening walking the floors of IKEA.  Getting lost in our future home decor dreams.  Then, carefully picking out what we actually needed, using gifted money from our wedding day.  

We started life together with a black and cream living space, faux black leather couch and a rock hard futon.  We found bamboo blinds on sale and placed paper IKEA lamps in strategic corners.  Before moving I spray-painted wooden letters black for "EBY", to hang on the wall.  

We had a tropical plant, we named him "Palmer".  Poor little guy didn't last too long before some kind of disease took him away.  

Those early days of designing your home together are full of excitement.  The bank account runs a little dry, but the ideas and enthusiasm are rich.  I wouldn't trade those early days for anything.  They built our marriage to what it is today.

I still decorate my home with pictures.  My little ones love seeing them and asking questions.  I smile whenever I pass by.  They are my best art investment.

As you make your inspiration boards for your home together, remember to incorporate all of those memories you have captured on camera.  Here are a few ideas to get you started...

Tips to decorate your home with pictures.  Wall galleries, wall collages, and other tips. | Debra Eby Photography Co.

Matted Frames

There are many beautiful ways to print and hang your images.  My favorite method is a large gallery wall with thick matted frames.  The bigger the matting, the better.  Give me all the negative space.  

You can find fabulous frames like these at Pottery Barn, Hobby Lobby, Michael's, and Home Goods.  

Gallery of family pictures on a wall with large matting.  Gold frames, set of six. | Debra Eby Photography Co.

Collage Wall

Collage of wedding images with framed hand lettering.  Images are in circular white frames with decorated edging.  The background is white.  | Debra Eby Photography Co.

Collage walls are my favorite.  A playful way of mixing materials to create a gallery full of various art forms.  Hand lettering, watercolor, portrait, and metal hangings for a more lifelike feeling.  

Choose one of your favorite pieces of art, then find an image that compliments the mood of that piece.  A few of my fave places to find other complimenting pieces of art are:

Home Goods, Antique Stores, Hobby Lobby, Heirlooms passed down in my family, Rifle Paper Co., and Etsy.  



Wedding Memorabilia 

Picture of a wedding invitation in a frame.  Use your wedding invitation art as wall decor.  | Debra Eby Photography Co.

Archive a copy of your invitation suite, save-the-dates, and paper goods.  You never know how you might incorporate them into your decor.  

All of those hand lettering pieces?  Frame them or find a way to hang them and incorporate them into a collage.  That includes custom maps, watercolor, or anything designed for the wedding day.  

One of my favorite new trends is commissioning a custom illustration of your bridal gown.  Do it before the wedding and you can incorporate it into your design.  

You put a lot of effort into choosing your decor and signage, why not incorporate that into your home space?




Guestbook Art

Picture of a frame used as a guestbook on a wedding day.  Picture of a bride and groom portrait in side of the frame.  | Debra Eby Photography Co.

Sometimes you wonder if these Pinterest trends will stand the test of time.  

This is an idea that I found for my wedding - waaaay back in 2006.  It still hangs in my house, above my grandmother's vintage typewriter.  I'm so happy we opted for this non-traditional guestbook.  The black and white contributes to the timelessness of this piece.

Every time I walk by I remember that day when Ben and I started our family.  I also read the names of those surrounding us on that day, people who will never all be under one roof again.  It was that day, that moment in time that we all celebrated.  

When I go teach about what I do for a living, I always bring this picture.  To me, it represents the "why" of my profession.  That tangible legacy of the promises we make to build our future together.  






Fine Art Prints

For my couples, I offer Luxury printing through my high quality print lab. This printing option allows your photographs stand the test of time. 


Other Prints

Print images yourself using quality print labs. Large, non‐photographic chain stores do not offer timeless image processing and can distort colors and clarity. Ensure you use a quality printing lab such as MPix.


Frames & Wall Collage Pieces

Stores that I love are: Pottery Barn, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Target, and HomeGoods.  


Albums & Coffee Table Books

My clients may commission Fine Art Albums through me, simply click the button below for more details.


For more casual books, I recommend: Artifact Uprising and Pinhole Press

Keep dreaming, Lovely.  Commission family portraits to be taken as often as possible.  Make sure you take pictures of the two of you.  Invest in the art of your sweet family.  

xoxo Lovelies