Album Design - Curating Your Wedding Images

A walk through wedding album design.  Tips on selecting the right images to showcase.

After the bouquets wilt, the cake is eaten, after the make-up smudges and the music fades, your memories alone remain.  Wedding day memories live on in your heart and come alive once more through images.  

One way to keep those memories alive is through a Luxury Album.  This is a high quality, layflat design printed on thick, true photographic, paper.

Most of my couples choose collections with a Luxury Album and that always makes me super happy.  I love seeing wedding memories gracing heirloom pages.  These last for generations to come.  

The only hard part is selecting your fave images.  I know, it's a good problem to have, but it's still a challenge.  

Here are some tips to help you curate your images for a timeless wedding gift to yourself.  

Image Selection

Your luxury wedding album is the high end art gallery of your day. 

An art gallery wall covered in paintings quickly becomes overwhelming to the eye.  Negative space and simplicity make for the most beautiful design work.  I recommend selecting between 45-70 images for your album. 

Be super picky, choosing only the very best images.  Remember, you can always make a different book that shares all of the images.  Organize your images into “must haves” and “maybes”, then go back and edit any images that just don’t fit. 

Client albums include 30 pages, or 15 spreads.  A page is one side of the album, Two pages equal one layflat album spread.  Additional pages may be purchased.


Picture of a luxury wedding album and parent album.  They are both layflat design with high end printing.  White frames surround them both on a white backdrop.  | Debra Eby Photography Co.


Tell Your Story

Use the images to tell the story of your day. 

Start at the beginning of your photography coverage.  Usually, this is in those moments of preparation.  Do a mix of styled items and photojournalistic images.  For example, you could pair images of your shoes and invitation suite with your mother lacing up your gown.  Include any fun bridesmaid images like if you wear matching robes. 

When I design your album with the image selection, I will balance spreads between chronological order and color palette as well as mood.

This is a typical design break-down:

Sample Layout Design

Selecting Your Album Cover and Lettering

Picture of a luxury wedding album with gold lettering.  Picture frames surround the album on a white backdrop. | Debra Eby Photography Co.

Incorporate the design of your wedding day and what textiles best represent that overall look. Did you have gilded details?  Then consider gold lettering.  If you aren’t sure, simply ask your photographer for advice. 

The album design choices for my clients may be accessed in the Album Design Suite. 


Proofing Your Album

Once your album has been designed, I send a proof of the album layout.  This is your chance to ensure accuracy.  Consider any necessary changes (double-check spelling, dates, and all layout designs).

List any changes that you wish to be made, include the album page (or spread) number.  Specify the requested change with as much detail as possible.  Most photographers only allow one complimentary round of edits, as these can be quite time intensive.  



Now you simply wait as your gorgeous wedding art gallery is printed!  

I use a company called Redtree Albums.  They work only with professional photographers using the most beautiful textiles and materials.  It typically ships within about 4-6 weeks.  It is well worth the wait!

Picture of boxes of wedding albums.  White and gray boxes stacked on top of a white picture frame. | Debra Eby Photography Co.

If you still feel stuck, remember, your photographer is your in-house expert.  You can always choose your "top ten" and then allow your photographer to fill in the rest.  

The dreamiest results happen when a client can trust the photographer.  Remember, we want your images to look as beautiful as possible.  We're a team!


xoxo Lovelies