Omni Amerlia Island Plantation Resort - Anni Getaway

It was the beginning of January.  Ben and I were so excited to finally escape together for a weekend.  

This weekend away was a celebration of our birthdays, Christmas, and Anniversary.  We've always preferred experiences over gifts.  Just how our love languages work.  

The night before we were leaving, it happened.  Puke.  Everywhere.  Our poor littlest had the stomach flu.  Which then made it's way through the entire Eby family in vicious fashion.  

Needless to say, we were bummed.

Thankfully, the Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort was kind enough to reschedule our non-refundable visit.  This bumped the trip to the end of January, which fell exactly on our anniversary weekend.  

Image of gold diamond necklace in a circle shape.  Simple white background on a thin golden chain.

The night before we left, Ben set out a little leather box on my nightstand.  I stared at it.  Not really sure what to do.  

He told me to open it.  So, I did.  

Inside was the most perfect, elegant, necklace.  Two circles entwined, forming one.  He says the gold circle is him and the circle of diamonds is me.  

This is the part where it gets awkward because, I'm pretty much the worst ever at receiving gifts.  I fumble something like, "but, I didn't get you anything.".  He laughs at me, knowing I'm a little stunted.  Then says, "I never get to buy you anything special, I want you to have it."  

I could cry.  It is so perfect, in every single way.  I've worn it every day since.  A beautiful reminder of his constant love.  

You see, Ben is the kind of guy who sneaks up on you.  He begins as an amazing friend, but then something changes.  The first time I saw a real glimpse of the man I married was in November of 2003.  

"It always snows on my birthday."  He says with a confident grin.  We are college friends and colleagues at our after-study-hours office job.  Just friends.  

He invites me to his Ontario home over his birthday weekend.  His friend, Jeff, is going as well.  I eagerly accept.  A road trip is excuse enough for me.

On the winding country roads he drives.  We turn up Green Day's, "Time of Your Life".  Our friend, Jeff, rides shotgun while Ben and I dive into life stories.  No doubt our friend, Jeff, tires of our droning.  

We enter a quaint farmhouse to a spread of food.  I am pretty sure it glistens in the candlelight.  We are soon college students weak with hunger.   

Mom Eby enters the front door with Danny, Ben's little brother, shortly after us.  They are returning from a book reading by author Robert Munsch.  She vividly reenacts the reading while singing, "I love you forever".  Ben is embarrassed.  I am enchanted.   

After movies, snacks, and a night full of laughter, we notice something.  Soft snowflakes fall from the sky.  We race outside, letting the flakes dance on our lashes.  We scrape the ground forming tiny snowballs.  We begin flinging them at each other in playful banter.  Together, we scrape enough snow to make a tiny snowman.  

Ben seems...different.  Not just my office neighbor friend.  He seems dreamier.  Maybe it is the magic of a first snowfall.  Maybe it is his cozy home.  He is relaxed.  I like relaxed Ben.  I like him a lot.  Could I, surely not.  

Over a decade passes.  I learn what I did not know that day.  

I learn that he improves.  Improves upon further knowledge.  He is loyal, empathetic, considerate, loving, and funny.  Not perfect (I mean, the guy puts ketch up on everything), but more perfect for me than I could have ever dreamed.  

Here is a little glimpse into our time on Amelia Island.  You guys, this resort is amazing!  I love all of the coastal decor and even a whitewash headboard.

It was cold.  Like, wool coat and scarf in Florida cold.  But, that meant we pretty much had the place to ourselves.  Which was pretty amazing.  

The Omni Amelia Island Plantation Resort gifted us champagne and chocolate covered strawberries.  Which, by the way, were crusted in some kind of crunchy deliciousness.  Yeaaaah, totally carbed out all over that treat.  

If you ever need a little romantic getaway, this is the place.  The perfect kind of calm and coastal I love filling our lives with.  

xoxo Lovelies

Montage Palmetto Bluff - A Coastal Carolina Escape

There are some women in the wedding industry that inspire me to be the best version of myself.  Rana Mohammadian Tierney is one of them.  Not only is she a savvy businesswoman, she is also an amazing mother to the most gorgeous little boys. 

When Rana asked me to help her with a two-day wedding in coastal South Carolina, I jumped at the opportunity.  I adore working with Rana, when my schedule allows.  But, I also love a little roadtrip to the coastal south.  

There is something so magical about South Carolina.  The traditions, the architecture, the charming manners - I love it all.  

We arrived and went to Hilton Head for an authentic BBQ lunch at The Smokehouse.  We went over logistics for the weekend and laughed over Snapchat stories.

The wedding took place at Montage Plametto Bluff.  It's this hidden gem of a resort - um city?  I mean, you guys, it has it's own post office.  

When strolling the cobblestone paths, you think you surely must be in heaven.  Leisurely bike rides take you all around the miles of resort property.  I couldn't get over the Coastal Carolina architecture of these homes!  Moss laden trees, sidewalk cafes, lakeside panoramic views, and the sweetest chapel.

The one morning we weren't working or scouting the resort for photo locations, Rana and I enjoyed a quick morning visit to historic Savannah.  

Oh Savannah, how I love your historic charm.  We walked by the river, popping into Huey's for coffee and beignets.  Further along the river we loved seeing the steamboats and vendors setting up their market fares.  

In March I'm back to Savannah to shoot a wedding at The Mackey House.  Can't wait to soak in all the pretty all over again.


Jeff + Mercedes - Featured in Print

Jeff and Mercedes are completely out of a fairy tale.  Their chemistry and effortless charm all contribute to the most gorgeous of weddings on The Peachtree House Estate.

When a wedding on this scale of loveliness takes place, it involves a lot of talented individuals.  Dressmakers, floral artistry, hand lettering, everything set to the breathtaking grounds of Peachtree House.  

The Celebration Society fell in love with the wedding, just as I did.  It is gracing the pages of their amazing magazine - at local fine retailers.

Not only is this wedding offering oodles of inspo, The Celebration Society is chock full of ideas, venues, and artists to make your day as magical as your love.  


Contributing Artists

Estate - The Peachtree House

Planner - Lora Ritzie Wardman Events

Second Shooter - Sarah Sharpe Photography

Florals - Porch Therapy 

Cake - Sweeter Than The Rest

Hair - Trend Studios Winter Park

MUA - Melissa Duran

Hand Lettering - KMN Calligraphy

Stationary - Paper Goat Post

Bridal Salon - CC's Bridal Boutique

Menswear - Absolutely Fitting

Catering - Yellow Dog Eats

Entertainment - KEG Orlando

Rentals - Orlando Wedding and Party Rental