Valentines Day Tallahassee Work Retreat

Picture of the United States Bankruptcy Courthouse in Tallahassee, Florida.

When chatting with others I'm often asked if my husband, Ben, works as a photographer with me at weddings.  

The simple answer?  No.

The longer answer?  He is too amazing at entirely different things than I am.  Ben is so gifted with system efficiency, logistics management, and financial foresight.  Plus, taxes.  He manages all of the taxes.  

Ben works as the Director of Finance at Halifax Health Hospice.  I am continually inspired by his dedication and heart with his work life.  

One of his jobs is working on a committee for Hospice in the state of Florida to help maintain the ongoing quality and integrity of this amazing health service.  Right now, there is legislation being presented that could compromise that quality.  So Tallahassee called.

Picture of a Starbucks coffee shop at the Double Tree in Tallahassee, Florida.

The best part is that I got to tag along for the road trip.  

Most of my time was spent at the hotel and in coffee shops immersing myself in work.  I love that though, a distraction-free retreat.  Accomplishing some major planning and writing for my business.

In between meetings we managed some Valentine romance over coffee and salad dates.  Plus, there was the long road trip.  We chatted all things work, family, also listening to episodes of Criminal podcasts.

Side Bar: you have to listen to Episode 59, "In Plain Sight"!  I need to know when they are making the movie.

Over a bowl of Pad Thai last night at Bahn Thai we talked about what life will look like in five years.  What do we hope for?  What are we nervous about?  We also laugh over our relationship app that has us always second-guessing who really knows each other better.

Sometimes we need that time to just escape routines.  Even if it involves squeezing in kisses between discussions at the state capital for legislation debate.