Downtown Orlando Engagement Portrait - Darren & Jessica

In early November East End Market filled with talented wedding artists and vendors, showcasing their masterful work.  The beautiful Jessica, and her entourage, walked up to my little corner and into my life.  I loved her from the first moments of our time chatting.  

We followed-up with e-mail correspondence chatting all about her wedding ideas and who they are as a couple.  

You guys, not only will you fall in love with this couple, you are going to die over their sweet Bernese Mountain puppy who tagged along for the engagement sesh.  

Jessica laughs about Duke being the real star of the photo shoot, but let's not get carried away.  Puppy love aside, Darren and Jessica are an absolute dream.  

I'm always a total sap over a good proposal story.  Here is how Darren popped the question, perfect in every way...

We went to dinner at our favorite restaurant with our dog and sat outside. We have always joked about getting Duke a barrel to wear around his collar since he was such a big dog (Dukes a Bernese Mountain Dog but gets confused for Saint Bernards all the time and they are known for wearing the barrels). So half way through dinner he went to take Duke on a quick walk because he was getting antsy. They walk back and I noticed Duke has a barrel around his neck and Darren walks up to me and gets down on one knee and tells me to read the barrel strap and on it said "will you marry me". He had a photographer taking photos from a distance and all of our family and best friends waiting for us at a bar he reserved for us! It was perfect.