Montage Palmetto Bluff - A Coastal Carolina Escape

There are some women in the wedding industry that inspire me to be the best version of myself.  Rana Mohammadian Tierney is one of them.  Not only is she a savvy businesswoman, she is also an amazing mother to the most gorgeous little boys. 

When Rana asked me to help her with a two-day wedding in coastal South Carolina, I jumped at the opportunity.  I adore working with Rana, when my schedule allows.  But, I also love a little roadtrip to the coastal south.  

There is something so magical about South Carolina.  The traditions, the architecture, the charming manners - I love it all.  

We arrived and went to Hilton Head for an authentic BBQ lunch at The Smokehouse.  We went over logistics for the weekend and laughed over Snapchat stories.

The wedding took place at Montage Plametto Bluff.  It's this hidden gem of a resort - um city?  I mean, you guys, it has it's own post office.  

When strolling the cobblestone paths, you think you surely must be in heaven.  Leisurely bike rides take you all around the miles of resort property.  I couldn't get over the Coastal Carolina architecture of these homes!  Moss laden trees, sidewalk cafes, lakeside panoramic views, and the sweetest chapel.

The one morning we weren't working or scouting the resort for photo locations, Rana and I enjoyed a quick morning visit to historic Savannah.  

Oh Savannah, how I love your historic charm.  We walked by the river, popping into Huey's for coffee and beignets.  Further along the river we loved seeing the steamboats and vendors setting up their market fares.  

In March I'm back to Savannah to shoot a wedding at The Mackey House.  Can't wait to soak in all the pretty all over again.