Ahhh, you're married!  In my opinion, the fun is just beginning.  

Of course, there are challenges ahead.  But, if you choose to come together through them, it just gets sweeter.  

Ben and I can honestly say we are happier today than on the day we married.  It's been a long road with growing a family, moving countries, jobs, and tons of transition.  But, together we are creating our ever after.  

As other couples begin their photographer search, would you be kind enough to help them?  Your feedback will help them understand what to expect with my services.  

My hope is to continually improve my systems and experience for couples, so there is a section for sharing about that as well.  

Thank you, Lovelies!



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How would you describe our experience working together?
I love improving systems, can you think of ways that I can be more helpful to future clients?
I will always feel so honored that you chose me as your wedding photographer. What helped you in making that decision?

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Tips For Other Couples

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What are your favorite planning blogs, apps, books, even people!
What wisdom would you pass along to other couples about to marry?