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Picture of a wall gallery of wedding images.  Each picture is in a white frame.  Wedding rings are in one picture.  A bride and bridesmaids are in another picture.  A bride and groom are in the third picture.  The fourth is hand lettering in a white frame that says, "true love".  This gallery showcases the work of Debra Eby, Jacksonville fine art wedding photographer.

Investing in memories

Boxes of images tower in the living room of my parents' new home.   Piles of snapshots being sorted into the timeline of our lives.  My mother and I  sit on the floor together, collaborating our efforts for efficiency.  

In an instant we are distracted.  The image of my first ballet recital surfaces .  I'm wearing a yellow tutu with sequins down the front of my satin leotard.   My white blonde hair is pinned back with a long yellow ribbon.  my awkward limbs flail around.  Let's face it, ballet has never been my strong suit.  We laugh, remembering that first song, "Here's position number one, arms stretched out just like the sun..."    That One photograph brings back memories of my ballet friend, Davey, and my glowing ballet teacher, Mrs. Gretta.   I think of the ballet studio where we practiced and practiced.  the feeling of the ballet barre inside my four-year-old hand.  

That little photograph transports both my mother and i to a sweet moment in time.    

I've learned that the best photography isn't about just capturing a pretty picture.  The true magic lies in the memory that it elicits.  We pause.  feelings of that moment rush over us all over again.   

A wedding photographer is the trustee of your memories.  It's a big responsibility.  So big that I almost never did it.  

The problem was that I fell in love., and it was love at first sight.  My first time second shooting a wedding I was crushing hard.  Maybe it was the connections made with the family and bridal party.  maybe it was the ADRENALINE rush of that "click, click", the stilling of a monumental moment.  Maybe it was the million other things that I love about this job.   ONe thing is clear, the romance is never lost on me.  Each and every wedding.  

My hope is that you will invest in a wedding photographer of high caliber.  A photographer who captures wedding days the way you want  to remember yours.  

Because someday, years from now, you will be sitting on the couch with your loved ones.  Your fingers will rest on a heavy album with pages full of wedding day memories.  As you open the pages, that day comes to life once more.  

You can smell your bridal bouquet, feel the gentle tulle of your gown, see his first glance, hear the band strike up your song, and taste that buttercream frosting he dabbed on your nose in playful romance.

This is the real treasure of wedding photography.  

Image of photograph album boxes that are white and grey, stacked.  Two white empty frames are also in the picture.  This shows the viewer brand packaging of Debra Eby, Jacksonville Fine Art Wedding Photography.  This image also tells the importance of investing in good photography.

A picture of a little girl at a ballet recital in a yellow leotard with sequins and a tutu.  This is a picture of the wedding photographer, Debra Eby, Jacksonville fine art wedding photographer, when she was a little girl..