Getting to Know You

Part of the magic of your images is our connection as photographer/couple.  The more I understand your "couple brand" the better the results.  

This connection allows me offer recommendations on engagement portrait locations, posing, and even wardrobe ideas.  

I can't wait to capture every romantic moment!

XOXO Lovely

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Her Name
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His Name
Coffee Shops, Wine Bars, Live Music, Dancing, Theaters, Museums, Road Trips, Beach Days, Horseback Riding, Window Shopping, etc.
Romantic, Preppy, Trendy, Posh, Casual, Glam, Boho, Girlie, Country, Eclectic, Vintage, Sporty, Elegant
It's All About the Beard, Blazer and Jeans, Anything with Flip Flops, J.Crew Culture, Embracing the Plaid, Polo Classic, Hipster, Preppy, Athletic, Whatever I'm Told
Her: Fave Season
Him: Fave Season
The Spa, Time with My Fur Baby, Shopping, Netflix Binging, Gardening, Running, Yoga, Golfing, Boating, Skiing, Painting, Music, Coffee-ing (um, yes, it's totally a thing)
Golfing, Boating, Fishing, Biking, Netflix Binging, Hanging with the Guys, Working Out, Tailgating, Music, Camping, Cooking, Poker
Mid-century Modern, Craftsman Character, Coastal, Modern Classic, Mediterranean, Farmhouse Love (Joanna Gaines obsesh)
outgoing, intelligent, stylish, thoughtful, organized, introverted, introspective, cuddly, fun, cultured, artsy, friendly, shy, rebellious, graceful, adventurous
charming, tough, funny, hard working, intelligent, athletic, dependable, helpful, quick-witted, calm, confident, logical, respectful, outgoing, creative
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