Friday, October 21, 2011

Bliss - Frivolities

Kelly Moore had me at her promo video.  I knew that's what I wanted.  I wanted her bag and to feel carefree and in love.  Okay, so maybe just the bag was fine. {smile}

Honestly though.  I'm a practical person.  Owning and operating a business, however, requires a lot of financial investment back into the company.  Much higher priorities of weekly expenses and equipment always trump the pretty accessories.

These days, as a mom, Old Navy is about as stylish as I get.  I have dreams of grandeur which include me playing with my children over a Pottery Barn vintage kitchen set while draped in Anthropologie ruffles.  Most likely, never gonna happen.

Sometimes though, sometimes, I splurge.  When I do, I cloak it in something end of year bonus.  Telling my practical side to, "Dash it all!" {okay, picture that being said with a British accent, because I totally can't pull it off}.  So, Merry Christmas to me...a little early.
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Monday, October 17, 2011


While my teenage peers filpped the pages of Seventeen Magazine, I subscribed to Victoria.  As you can likely tell by the title, it was filled with all things vintage, heavy on the shabby chic.

Here's the part where I could take a tanget discussing my quirky atypical teenager interests, but I'll spare you the drama.

Back to the magazine.  I still remember the giddy feeling when receiving my monthly subscription.  In each  issue there was an article about bliss.  I still remember one particular winter inspiration which included dreamy whites with ice skating.  There was something so compelling about these articles.  Finding and creating beauty in life around you.

This is all leading somewhere, I promise.

I'm introducing a new blog feature which will appear at completely random, yet inspired, times.  Bliss will be an image/concept that is inspiring me at the moment.  So, stay tuned for the next installment.

Today's Bliss:

The women in my family are all incredibly talented with sewing.  While my mother fostered learning in this department for me, it always ended in some catastrophe.  That's right I have a sewing curse.

So, that doesn't explain the giddiness I feel in a fabric store.  All I can figure out is that I love fabric...and love someone else sewing it.

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Toronto Wedding

Okay, so some of you know about my obsession with Pinterest.  If you don't know about this website, well, let's just say a-d-d-i-c-t-i-o-n.

Anyways, through this wonderful resource, a photographer and I connected.  I have photographer friends from everywhere in North America, so I didn't even think to ask where she was from.  Well, come to find out, we're both in Kitchener.  Get out!  I know, right?

Lisa Kwan turns out to be this amazing local photographer who then hired me to second shoot a wedding with her.  What a fun and talented woman!  We had such a blast working together and I feel like I learned so much by observation and interaction.  This woman has mad skills.

The reception location was so much fun!  It was the library, downtown.  They even used library card boxes to hold the place cards.  Details like that just make me giddy.

These are a few of my favorites during the wedding day.  You can see more of the wedding on Lisa's blog with her fabulous artistry.

Here we are enjoying the photo booth.  Lisa and I had just a "little" too much fun working together.  
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