Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Perspective - Sarahdipity Photos Interview

Sarah Eddy of Sarahdipity Photos

Sarahdipity Photos
Sarah-dip-i-ty Photos: the art of making special discoveries and capturing them forever.

I'm giddy with excitement featuring this stunning photographer and her work. Sarah Eddy is an artist that I've followed for several years now. Her photography is a blend of playful, sophisticated, and inspirational. Sarah is not only a talented artist, she is also a dynamic woman in personality and character.

Sarah is based in Jacksonville, Florida. That's right, Florida. Yes, I'm fighting jealousy here.  However, her photography takes her many places outside the Sunshine State.

In such a competitive industry, Sarah has been a breath of fresh air to me.  She's a professional willing to take her time to encourage and answer questions.  That caring attitude shines through her work, you can tell Sarah is emotionally invested in her clientele.

Sit back, and get acquainted with the amazing Sarah Eddy and her fabulous artwork.

How would you define your photographic style?
Lifestyle and Photojournalistic. – I love capturing life happening. I much prefer capturing a real smile, a real “pose”, and true happiness rather than a staged setup.

When did you first realize you were a photographer?
Oh such a tough question. Lets say I got my first camera and feel in love with photography about 4 ½ years ago. It was simply a hobby I loved, which then grew into a business. I think it would be about accurate to say I’ve had my own photography business for almost 2 years. ☺

How have you handled the business side of photography? 
Quickbooks! It’s the best program ever! Enter the bills, the checks, the invoices. Print it all out, run reports, watch all the finance side of things as the program calculates your profits and expenses for you!

What has been your most exciting moment as a photographer? 
Oh goodness, seems as though every year I hit “my most exciting point”
1. My first L glass lens
2. My second camera
3. Booking weddings and shoots till my schedule was full!
4. Macbook Pro
5. My Own Office Space!!!!....coming next month!

How do you prepare for your photo shoots?
Normally I try to prep for a shoot the night before the shoot. I find that by doing all my equipment prep and have all my props, equipment, paper work in order it leaves me open to have a clear mind and organized thoughts for the day of the shoot. Often photographers look over blogs and such before a shoot, as for me, I try to gear my day to be inspired. I try not to put myself in a box by looking at other photography but rather I read a few inspiring quotes, think of the personality of my client, the location options and I try to brainstorm new ideas to fit the person I am shooting.

What other interests do you have outside of photography?
Outside of photography I love traveling. Christ centered missions. Sports. Beach. Graphic design. Art in general. Music. Decorating. Throwing parties. Shopping. Friends and family. ☺

What suggestions do you have for us when searching for the right photographer?
First, I suggest you find a photographer that captures you. Captures you with their photography, their inspiration, their personality. Often times clients try to put a photographer in a box by saying “this is the style I want” yet really, a photographer wants to know that you love THEIR style and therefore you are giving the photographer the confidence needed to photograph you through their perspective.

Thank you, Sarah, for taking time and sharing with us.  You're someone who motivates me in the industry.  All the best!
 ...Oh, and soak up some sunshine on behalf of us freezing Canadians.


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